How To Stop Body Odor

Do you want to know how to stop body odor in its tracks?

A television program is describing something which is very important yet seemingly uninteresting at this moment in time, how to stop body odor. You ignore it and decide to carry on cleaning. Your guests are arriving this afternoon, including your mother in law. Not your mother in law, that sack of wailing potatoes, actually: yes indeed it is. Your flat is tidy but you just can’t seem to get rid of that stench that follows you about everywhere as you lemon spray the house over and over again.

Whatever you do, you just cannot get rid of that smell, and it seems to be especially apparent as you reach up to clean those hard to reach areas. Before you can read this sentence, you realize, quite suddenly that you are drenched in sweat, absolutely drenched. And that smell is much worse.

You mist gallons of air freshener into the air and yet the smell lingers. You decide that you will change your clothes, wash them, and shower thoroughly. You manage to get rid of most of the smell, yet this awful stench remains. Just what do you do?

If only you saw that program. However, if you have found yourself in a similar, endlessly frustrating scenario where you just have to smell fresh, read on to find out how to stop body odor from bothering you again.

Body odor can be prevented and treated. Indeed, as the saying goes ‘prevention is better than a cure’. Whatever you decide to do, lifestyle changes can help deal effectively with body odor:

  • Maintaining proper hygiene: quite obvious, but it is also one of the most important treatments. Using an antibacterial soap reduces the bacteria on the skin which can cause odor and showering frequently removes those foul smelling bacterial by-products. Replacing a towel after each use means that this smell isn’t rubbed back over your body – towels yield skin cells, sweat, your body oils and many other things in a damp, warm and humid environment, ideal for bacterial to digest and release odors after you have left the bathroom.

How To Stop Body Odor

  • Avoid strong smelling foods such as garlic and onions, red meat and coffee. Processed foods will release many foul smells, whilst green vegetables such as spinach and kale, nuts and rice will help with a balanced diet yet not cause problems. Green vegetables contain chlorophyll which is superb for detoxification.  Foods with a high sulfur content can exacerbate the formation of sulfur containing bacterial by-products.  As sulfur is strong smelling, this can make you smell worse.
  • Working out, getting good exercise and sweating profusely will help to cleanse your body of toxins. Similarly, a sauna can do the same, removing harmful and potentially foul smelling toxins from the bloodstream, through the skin and out of your system. It is best to shower after either activity to remove the toxins from the surface of the skin, and important to keep yourself hydrated throughout.
  • Underarms contain a high proportion of apocrine glands – the skin glands which release fatty substances which are broken down by bacteria and causing a bad smell. To reduce this perspiration, wear clothes which are rich in cotton or silk, and wash after wearing once. Change your bedding often and keep intimate areas clean. Underarm hair can trap heat and shaving there can mean less sweating.  If deodorants do not work you can carefully use diluted lemon juice. The bacteria on the surface of your skin find it difficult to thrive in an acidic environment, which slows the breakdown of fatty substance and release of putrid odors.
  • If you are a smoker, stopping smoking will prevent smoke from attaching to your clothing, causing it to smell, as well as releasing many toxins into the bloodstream to be released as fatty substances in sweat for bacteria to feed on. Smoking can occupy your immune system from removing other toxins – the immune system is also responsible for the way you smell. It is quite straightforward, once you realize how to stop body odor in this way.
  • Use an antibacterial mouthwash which is clinically approved and floss between your teeth where food and subsequently bacteria can accumulate. This will help prevent ‘bad breath’ or halitosis – often a turn off for many people as it is immediately apparent during an intimate violation of personal space such as conversation.
  • Feet can be a source of odor, often akin to the smell of pungent cheese – wearing cotton socks wicks away moisture faster, keeping feet dry when they are in shoes. When you feet are indoors, have you considered walking barefoot or in sandals as a way for your feet to breathe, reducing foot perspiration?
  • Using baking soda and cinnamon powder to absorb bad odors can work well, if it is strategically placed, akin to a filtration system.

There are many strategies to reduce body odor, especially if the problem is one of hygiene. It can be tackled in many different ways such as showering properly and using the right soap, deodorants, lemon juice, taking care of teeth, using baking soda and cinnamon powder, open feet, stopping smoking, workouts or saunas and paying careful attention to diet, avoiding high sulfur foods in particular. If you consider carefully how to stop body odor and take the necessary steps, there is no reason why persistence won’t have the desired payoff.